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How Members Want the Coop’s Site Organized

Let’s talk organization. Web sites need hierarchy and structure. Sites often founder because they make it difficult for users to locate the information that they want. We’re very eager to avoid that trap. We recently conducted

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Card Sorting samples

Let’s talk organization.

Web sites need hierarchy and structure.

Sites often founder because they make it difficult for users to locate the information that they want.

We’re very eager to avoid that trap.

We recently conducted a series of focus groups to seek advice on how to set up our new site.

We asked small teams to work with a set of 65 cards.

Each card listed a type of content (“coop shopping hours”) or a feature (“shift swap”).

There were four to six members on each sorting team.

The teams were asked to group the cards into categories they thought fit together well, and then to develop a label for each group they created.

The most common card groups suggest a structure for the new website.

The recurring themes produced by the “card sort” exercise were (in no particular order):

General Info

Alternate names: General Info, About the Coop, Home, Front Page

Cards included:

  • About the Coop
  • Hours and location
  • Office hours
  • Holiday hours
  • Contact us
  • Return policy
  • Child care hours and rules
  • Coop events and calendar
  • Coop information flyers

Other cards occasionally included: Shift rotation calendar, FAQs, Mission statement, Environmental policy, Return policy

Coop News

Alternate names: Coop News, Events & News

Cards included:

  • Coop events and calendar
  • This day in Coop history
  • Coop information flyers
  • The Linewaiters Gazette
  • Classifieds
  • Links to special resources from Coop members

Other cards occasionally included: Twitter feed, Coop forums, Photo Submission, Neighborhood discounts and offers

Current Member Status Information (login required)

Alternate names: Members Only, Member Portal, Members, App/Member page before you call the Office!

Cards included:

  • Member current status
  • Member FAQs
  • How to do a makeup shift
  • Shift Swap
  • Shifts & squad information
  • Squads that require special training
  • Select a Coop workslot
  • How to change workslots

Other cards occasionally included: Shift rotation calendar, New product request form, Coop forums, Sign up to attend GM,  FTOP shifts and sign up

Produce & Products

Alternate names: Product info, Suppliers & Products, Inventory

Cards included:

  • Produce list
  • Product list
  • Produce price list
  • Inventory updates for produce
  • New seasonal produce or products
  • New product request form
  • Coop suppliers
  • Local suppliers
  • Profiles of farms & suppliers

Other cards occasionally included: Staff recommendations, Return policy, Recipes

Info on Shifts & Squads

Alternate names: Workshift Committees, Info & Squads, Member Info

Cards included:

  • Shift & squad info
  • Squad times by committee
  • Squad times by day
  • Squads that require special training
  • How to do a makeup
  • Shift rotation calendar

Other cards occasionally included: FAQs, How to become a member, How to change a workslot

Becoming a Member

Alternate names: New Member info, Join/New Member Orientation, Thinking of Joining, New potential members/owners

Cards included:

  • How to become a member
  • Register for new member orientation
  • Orientation waiting list

Other cards occasionally included: About the Coop, Mission Statement, FAQs

Coop Policies

Alternate names: Governance, Coop Rules Bylaws & Policies, About

Cards included:

  • Mission statement
  • Coop Bylaws
  • Board of Directors
  • Environmental policy

Other cards occasionally included: Return policy

Social Media

Alternate names: Social Media, Social, Media/Engagement, Internal Community, Community Events and Social

Cards included:

  • Twitter feed widget or link
  • Flickr photo widget or link
  • Instagram photo widget or link
  • Pinterest link

Other cards occasionally included: Real-time updates on how busy Coop is, Coop forums, Photo submissions, Recipes, Classifieds, Committee blogs, Links to special resources from Coop members

Info on General Meetings

Alternate names: General Meeting, Guide to GMs, Meetings, Governance

Cards included:

  • About the GM
  • Guide to GM
  • GM Highlights
  • GM Workslot credit
  • Sign up to attend GM
  • GM format
  • GM agenda committee
  • GM agenda and item submission

Other cards occasionally included: Coop Bylaws, Board of Directors

Committee Info

Alternate names: Committees, Committee Info

Cards included:

  • List of Coop committees
  • List of committee contacts
  • Committee blogs
  • Committee reports and news

Other cards occasionally included: GM agenda committee, Environmental policy

Supporting New Coops

Alternate names: Support New Coops, Hurray for Cooperatives

Cards included:

  • Info for New Coop Organizers
  • Donate to the Fund for New Coops

In Conclusion

The web site team is now developing a plan for the site that builds on this “card sort” exercise. We’re also taking into account information from our web site survey and focus group discussions.

Team members will share details on next steps soon.

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Design by Cooperation

We believe that an organization’s digital presence should reflect its values and principles — right down to the way that digital structures are built and organized.

That’s why our process for redesigning the website will embrace the same spirit of cooperation that is so integral to the Park Slope Food Coop itself.

Step 1: Survey
Step 2: Interviews
Step 3: Group Card Sorting
Step 4: Identity
Step 5: Design
Step 6: Development

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