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Project Overview

Taking a First Crack at a New Homepage (on Paper)

On an icy evening over Chinese take-out and protein bars, six members of the Coop’s web redesign group met for its first “charette” — design-speak for a kind of visual brainstorming session. Jeremy Zilar, an online

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How Much Info is Too Much?

This fall has been full of big ideas for the future Coop website. Our team held several focus groups to ask members and staffers for input on the redesign process. In those meetings, members hoped for everything

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How Members Want the Coop’s Site Organized

Let’s talk organization. Web sites need hierarchy and structure. Sites often founder because they make it difficult for users to locate the information that they want. We’re very eager to avoid that trap. We recently conducted

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What Do Members Want from the New PSFC Website?

What are the most annoying features of our current site? What information about the Coop would members find most useful? How can a new site help our staff manage the Coop more effectively? In short: How can we

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Design by Cooperation

We believe that an organization’s digital presence should reflect its values and principles — right down to the way that digital structures are built and organized.

That’s why our process for redesigning the website will embrace the same spirit of cooperation that is so integral to the Park Slope Food Coop itself.

Step 1: Survey
Step 2: Interviews
Step 3: Group Card Sorting
Step 4: Identity
Step 5: Design
Step 6: Development

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